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Jan 31, 2013
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You see products with 10 percent aha, some with 6 percent some with 12 with different brands.  My question is are they all the same no matter what brand they are?  So if one product uses 10 percent aha and is from A company and another uses 10 percent aha from B company... aren't the aha suppose to be the same or will it be bit different b/c not all ingredients are 100 percent the same?

The same with chemical peels.  Does it matter which company TCA or glycolic acid peel you buy?  Such as 30 percent glycolic peel from skin obsessions vs paulas choice... does it really matter since its both 30 percent?  shouldn't they both work the same?

If you buy an aha that says 10% there is 10% aha in the lotion no matter what the brand. but not all bases are alike so watch for chemicals that can break you out. chemical peels are the same way as the aha. if you buy a 30% peel than it is a 30% peel. there are many companies that make peels. in my opinion i would stick with the muac peels because it is proven they work.and they are well known for their peels. just my opinion though.


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