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Jun 12, 2004
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I am taking part in Secret Santa on Livejournal and also I made a post (which I got from another use) where we are exchanging gifts with other livejournal uses. It can be anonymous or openly given. You go around livejournal looking for people who also have a list up (with contact information). I am buying gifts so far for three people I have found. 3 of them want makeup which I am going to buy them through AVON, since I am a representative. This is going to be so much fun. Because I also have the potential of recieving gifts from people. Almost like one of those chains with stickers or candy, except this is with Christmas presents.

Sounds fun! I'm not this year but i did take part in one with my friends a few years back. I hate buying pressies though coz i'm always wondering "will they like it or won't they" and it takes me ages to choose something. Don't get me wrong, i LOVE giving pressies & receiving them -i just hate choosing what to get people!

We're doing one at work this year... since none of us are that rich that we can afford to get everyone something. LOL So we each picked a name, and thats who we buy a present for. Which is bad in a way kind of... because I'm closer to some people than others, that I would usually buy for - but we're not supposed to this year, so I kinda feel bad.

Haha, yeah, that would be a give away.
And, luckily Lauren127, I have lists to go by from people. Since they copy the entry in my journal and add their list of gifts they would like (a wish list kind of). Though some people aren't very specific, they say like "makeup" and I am thinking "what kind, what colors ...".


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