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Sep 27, 2003
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I've noticed that a lot of lines have concentrated oils available to help to reduce oil production and impurities on the skin. Clarins seems to have one and so does Dr. Hauschka for example. I wonder if they really work and are they worth the money?

I don't know how oil would reduce oil production. If you have natural oils already, why would you add more?? I think you'd be wasting your money.

Naturally, I agree somewhat of when skin is sufficiently lubricated that it won't produce excess oil. But if you don't need more, why add if you already have enough of your own to sufficiently lubricate your skin. It just doesn't make sense to me. Around the eye and mouth area and dry areas of the face, and the neck than yes by all means use a lubricant.

Reija, i used the Clarins oil for about 4 years until i found other brands. it somehow cleared up my skin b/c it removed all the makeup & excess dirt REALLY well. pores were smaller & breakouts were DRASTICALLY decreased.

Shu Uemura makes one, as do DHC & Lorac. DHC's is basically Olive Oil so you may want to raid your cupboard & try it for a week or so.
otherwise, ask Clarins for a month's supply of samples (one vial should last 1 week). HTH!

Thanks for emailing them and posting your response. I've been using the oil for about a 4 days now I think and my skin is liking it a lot. The first time I didn't see a difference but now I do. My pores are smaller and my skin doesn't get as oily in the middle of the day as it used to. I'll definitely keep using this.

What brand of oil are you using? I keep looking for something to keep my oily skin under control -- 2 or 3 hours after I wash my face, my skin has already developed a layer of gross shiny oil!

Yes & yes...there are semi-dry oils & richer hydrating oils, a lot like the wine industry that promotes its' dry & sweet wines that pucker your tongue with tartness or go down smooth & mellow. Safflower oil is 'dry', coconut oil is rich, jojoba from a bean is, like emu oil, close to our natural sebum so you can pick if you're a vegan or not (hey Tony, remember that thread about a year ago on vegans? I still pronounce it vedg-an...& no I'm not)...Dr. H is awesome, have everything they ever made & it lasts & lasts & doesn't go bad, though the oil closest to the top smells funky if you don't use it regularly...Fanie's oils also are rich & smooth, fractured to go deeper than the surface & don't leave your face greasy. Depending on your living location, life-style, in- vs out-door activities, & genetics, food preferences, etc., external oils, just like essential aromatherapy oils & essential fatty acid oils work on the harmony of the body's systems, some from outside in (the skin is the 3rd lung), some from the limbic system (through smell & brain receptor sites) & some from internal organs for hormonal & metabolic balance.


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