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Dec 27, 2006
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I was told that you should put on a primer before you put your actual foundation on? Do you think this is necessary and if so what does it actually do and what are the best brands that won't clog pores and feel weighty on your skin?
i only use a primer on my eyes, and that's only once a while but it makes a difference in the way the eyeshadow looks.

I also only use primer on my eyes. I tried MAC's foundation primer for some time and have to say that I didn't really notice a difference in the appearance or staying power of my foundation, so I don't use it anymore. Besides, I'm just too lazy to put on moisturizer, primer, foundation and powder

I hate putting on my foundation without a primer. I don't like the MAC one, though. I like smashbox (but sephora and Bare Escentuals have one that are cheaper and exactly the same). It makes my foundation go on SO much smoother and last longer....

I use MAC paints on my eyes for my base, but I think it makes the e/s hard to blend, so I'll have to try UDPP.

Originally Posted by aprilpgb22 /img/forum/go_quote.gif Sorry to sound dumb, but what is UDPP? urban decay primer potion. This I do use but its not really necessary, my eyeshadow doesnt really crease on me.
It is not necessary to use it all over the face, only the areas that you think could benefit from smoother results and lasting power. If you don't have a problem with either of those things, then you probably don't need a primer for the average day.

You may benefit from primer if:

- If you are an oily person, especially on the T-Zone

- If you tend to sweat on the face a little during the day

- If the air is quite warm, say 85F/30C

- If the air is humid

- If the makeup you use has a tendency to stain skin

- If your skin texture is uneven

- If your eye shadows have a tendency to "crease", or get dissolved in oil

Well I say yes they are in my case. Primers are really need to help your base "stay put" which is important for us girls with oily skin being the makeup tend to slide.

Smashbox photo finish primer which is around $40 is really good. But, I know there's a thread about using Monistat Chafing Cream as a primer. Maybe you could check that out and try it.

I had never used a primer or even heard of one until I joined here. I've tried several and I always go back to Smashbox. No, It's not necessary to use. I went 40 years without it, but I can sure tell now If I don't. My makeup goes on smoother and more evenly. It lasts longer and keeps my oilies at bay at little better.

I dont know about foundation but its a must for me to use primer with my eyeshadow! it makes my eyeshadow last longer.

That depends on you. if you want your makeup to stay on longer..then use it.

I notice a difference and i prefer it. I've tried the smashbox primer for my face and I can't stand it. It's oily and i can't tell if it works. (yes, i use a tiny amount)

I'm buying another primer and waiting for it to come in the mail. I heard good things about can't wait.

I use CoverFX's primer since my skin is a bit oily and I love it. It makes my foundation go on so smooth and it looks more like my own skin instead of just sitting on top of it.

Personally, I think it is. It helps foundation go on smoother, they claim to fill in "fine lines and make pores smaller" (some do), and it acts as a barrier in a sense between the actual product and the foundation. For me, my skin actually does feel smoother, but it could be that maybe my primer is slightly moisturizing. And, you should truly use a lash primer too.