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Nov 24, 2006
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Hello again :)

Just wondering if anyone has usedArmani cosmetics..

Giorgio Armani | Cosmetics and Perfumes official online shopping experience - US only

If you have, what are your opinions.. absolute favorites.. absolute dislikes. I would so appreciate any input.

I am dying to try somelipsticks and eyeshadows but they are too freaking expensive to just "try" and take a chance..

I know I will find answers here.. you all have never let me down :).

Thanks a ton, in advance.



Hey Nic!

Their foundation is good... not one I use currently, but I liked it very much.

I have a bronzer, and berry cream color duo I LOVE!!! It was LE (I think) and like 70 bucks but worth it.

I heard Armani l/s are good, but haven't tried them.

well, i HEARD its good and expensive.

The primer and also their foundation and also their powder!!!

In my mind Shiseido,Clinique, or GA.

yep it's good
i absolutely love their lippys

Originally Posted by StereoXGirl /img/forum/go_quote.gif I've heard great things about their foundation! I think it was Jennifer who liked it at first, but in the end decided against it.
Thank you, friends *hugs*

Leza, you are not alone in wanting to check it out..

I have been resisting so far, but I dont know how long I will last. I go on the website and the makeup "beckons" me.. literally..

I will be buying some Armani makeup when I am in London, I can't get it anywhere else I live in Scotland

So I will tell everyone what I think of it when I purchase it

in malaysia. there's only one GA Make-up counter. i think.

and again i heard its good. its like your second skin. and very expensive.

hey is it true clinique make up made for sensitive skin...???

Originally Posted by AngelaGM /img/forum/go_quote.gif Their products look excellent but their prices are HIGH. oh boy !!! Is it ever !!! Inspite of that, I am DYNG to try it.. just cant bring myself to spend that kind of money..... yet
i tried their micro-fil powder, it's really good. but don't use it with the brush that they recommended on the website, it sucks and it's pokey. =P