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Mar 2, 2005
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Ok, so I like Aromaleigh's foundation powders, can't decide if I like the Voile or Glissade better. But I've never tried their other makeup colors. I'm about to order from their collection of eyeshadows and blushes and I'm thinking of just getting it all(bad habit of mine, can't get one color, gotta get em all!) What kind of staying power do their powder colors have? I'm gonna try out some of their lipsticks and liners too.

Anyone use any of their stuff? What do you think?

Sorry i can't help envymi, i've never tried anything from that line but hopefully some of the other girls have & can help you out

Sorry hun, I haven't tried anything either ... I'm sure you'll get more replies though !
Alright, I couldn't wait
. I just ordered samples of all their shimmer eyeshadows and all of their blushes. Also got a few lipsticks and liners. Got a couple pure hues too. I'll let you know about it all once it comes.

Ooooh, can't wait to hear your reviews, envymi!
I haven't tried their new foundations yet - I'm going to use up my Pure Powder and Pure Cover first. Then, I think I will get both. I've heard good things about both of them. I've tried their Pure Hues, and I really like them! I've tried Fox, Bronze, and Earthen Sage. Fox was too pinky peach for me, and Bronze was way too orange. However, I love Earthen Sage! It's a reddish brown base with green shimmer... gorgeous! I've heard good things about their Pure Rouges in Verve, Verita, and Sweetheart, so I plan to order those when I finally order the Voile and Glissade. Also, their kabukis are nice. I got the Delectable Kabuki for Christmas, and it's one of my fave brushes. HTH!

I have alot of Kabukis so I didn't get their's, but their buffer brush looked interesting so I ordered that.


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