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May 10, 2007
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Here's to a beautiful couple! In this pic Nelly sports a great laid-back look with a nice shirt with jeans, its very classic. The dress Ashanti has on, is okay. Maybe her hair should've been different. Her makeup is really pretty too (check out the expression) They still look great though. Lookin good!


aww, i didn't know they were together!

they make such a cute couple

i think they look great!

they are a cute couple!

i like them both, they seem very open-minded, and responsible in their celebrity. their heights are pretty near perfect as a couple, since i know they are both shorties...

They look so cute together....I didn't know either that they are together...But i love Ashantis hair...I just think she should have chosen a different color for her handbag...b/c it blends too much with the dress.

They've been together for quite some time now... I'd give them at least a year or two...


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