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Apr 24, 2012
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A friend of mine invited me to her July wedding a few weeks ago and I wanted to buy something practical that I could wear year round after her wedding. I bought a nice lace dress but I'm wondering if maybe my outfit wouldn't be summery enough? I don't want to feel out of place!
She hasn't sent me any details on whether there's a dress code, so I'll be sure to ask her.

This is pretty much the outfit I would be wearing:

I also have a dress that I wore on my birthday a couple of years ago, but haven't really worn it out other than to a couple of other special occasions:

The yellow dress is a little long on me, and I'm worried that that cardigan and purse might be too casual for a wedding. I've never been to any weddings so any help would be appreciated!

I'll post pictures of me wearing the outfits if it would help you guys out with helping me! :]

a quick edit: The wedding is going to be in Washington which is generally pretty cold (even during the summers it gets a bit breezey.) I've lived in California for the past few years so I always get pretty cold anytime I go up there- hence the sleeves! :]


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