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Sep 1, 2005
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was just wondering if anyone has tried this? I have some redness in my cheeks that I am dying to get rid of,but im sick of trying different "miracle" products with no results. Thanks

I see what you're saying but i think microdermabrasion products aren't recommended for sensitive skin? I think

I hope it works better than their stretch mark cream and cellulite cream, cuz neither of those do a thing.

yeah i see what you're saying, thanks for your help. Its definately not working. I hate that when u get all excited about the promises a beauty product makes, yet they make no difference whatsoever. Awk well. thanks again you guys!

Hi Sarah, i was actually thinking of trying some of Avon's Clinical Anew treatment,i have heard some good reviews on the product, however i would need to try it myself. Are you still using the product? Maybe it takes longer to get results but i know it;s still quite pricey at £18 a bottle so its worth using. Ihave been thinking of trying Avon's mew face serum.

hi! i gave up using the product, maybe i should have given it longer to work but i dont have the patience lol. It didnt work for me after approx 2mths of trying but i suppose everybody reacts differently to every product. good luck if u decide to try it, and i hope it works out for u! x


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