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Aug 7, 2008
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I started using this about 3 weeks ago and I just have to say WOW!  I'm not an Avon fan, I don't have any other Avon products but I saw a lot of good reviews so decided to try it.

I decided to test this by not using any of my other skin care products, just apply it to my face after cleansing.  I started to see my skin look smoother and glowing after about a week then the wrinkles around my eyes (it says not to use around the eyes but I did) started smoothing out, the deep deep wrinkles I have above my upper lip are definately looking better and in short I'm amazed.  I've spent a fortune on skin care products, I even used the $200 La Mer cream but I have to say this Avon stuff is the very best the only thing I've ever used that really does help wrinkles.  I think you're supposed to use it for 3 months to see the full effects so I'm hopeful that I'll see even more improvement but I'm happy with the results I have now.

I can't recommend this highly enough.  It costs $37 and is worth every penny.

Reading back through this it sounds like I'm working for Avon but I ordered it direct because I didn't want the Avon lady bugging me.  Give this one a try I think you'll be delighted!

You're results have been that dramatic? Nice, I'm not an avid Avon user, but do have some of their skin so soft body wash.. one thing I've always liked by them.

I really didn't think it would live up to the commrcials I've seen. I'm a sucker for anything that says anti-wrinkle but I'm really amazed at the results from this.

If you use some Avon products perhaps you could get a sample of this.

I am totally agree with Miss Linda and Alicia. You are right I also don't anything good in this!!!


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