Avon mosaic effects- best techniques?

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Sep 25, 2012
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Well, i guess it is really any crackle type nail polish- i have tried nicole by OPI texturizer and the Avon mosiac effects, and i find them to be to chunky to look nice, so i was wondering if you have had positive experiences with any of these types of polish? How do you apply it? and tips or tricks you want to pass on?

I ddidn't have nay troubles with the OPI brand crackles, they went on thin and smooth and looked how they were supposed to, I guess....but I ended up not liking the crackle look at all, lol.

I found that the OPI shatter, especially the black, did start to get thick and chunky after about 4 uses, and towards the end of every use. I don't know why either. I have the pink shatter and it works well and doesn't get chunky. I can't use the Sally Hansen because it just clumps up and doesn't work out. The one I have found and like is SinfulColors, it seems to stay thin, and I haven't had any issues. 


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