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I'd love to sign but it says you have to be an Avon or Mark rep to be eligible.... what's up with that? Can't the customers be supportive? I know what this is like for those ladies selling cause one of my best friends used to sell but she quit b/c the company was ripping her off and made order mistakes purposely to try to get more people to buy online than from a rep.
Makes me mad.

I'll sign it later when I get home, for sure! Thanks for sharing this - I truly understand and believe what they're saying, although if someone does order online, they can order with a Rep's code and get credit to that Rep. However, this doesn't happen often enough. Being an Avon lady is quite difficult these days. Also, I can't always come up with $25 orders, and if I don't, I don't make anything on that order. To me, that isn't very fair.

Yeah, I heard a lady quit Erep and they referreed her customers to AVON.com. She wasn't quitting AVON just quitting Erep. Crazy, huh? Now that I hear this story from you though, it just adds more to the fuel. I think customers should be able to sign the petition. Plus it's no longer a legit petition because one person signed 12times.
Now it's all fucked up.

Ohhhh geez!!!!! I hear you! I was wondering why I hadn't earned any money selling AVON! I made an excel sheet, took all my order sheets, and realized every campaign I didn't sell more then $25 dollars I was earning 0%. One campaign I sold $23.52, now that made me want to cry. And, $105.80 went towards eRep. I was constantly ordering brochures too. I'm glad you agree because AVON ladies on the boards would probably just make it seem like our fault that we don't have sales over $25 dollars.
I give discounts and do all kinds of stuff but it still doesn't bring in enough orders.

Even though we're not suppose to sell online, my DM knows I do. But, even HERE I can't seem to get bigger sales. By the time someone wants something I have to say "Well, I can't place that order until like 2 weeks." Then I never hear from them again.


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