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Nov 12, 2008
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My sister's been in town for the last month filming a webseries, and it's actually gotten really cute. The premise is neat -- They film an episode, then people have 2 days to suggest what should happen next, and vote on their top picks.  Then, they write the new script, film, edit, and upload the next episode by the next week.  They've put up 4 episodes so far.

Wong Fu Productions is doing the filming.  The main actors are Victor Kim and Jen Frmheadtotoe (she's a beauty blogger/vlogger)

Since it's a web/social media thing, they chose people who were all established in the Youtube world.

I wasn't going to post this on here, but the story is really getting adorable so I thought I'd share. Plus, it's my sister's first professional acting gig, so it's kinda neat for me too.  lol, it's like watching my baby sister grow up.

The 4th episode just went up today.  It's cute and I'm so proud of her!

Jen is your sister?! Was that you in the Sister tag then? 

I've been keeping up with the webisodes myself. Jen seems like a really sweet girl.

SO cute!!! Hahaha. WHich reminds me I am happy we switched back to AT&T


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