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Jun 17, 2004
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impart some little known B&B wisdom....do you have some alternate uses for products? what is something that you do that youd like to share? have you discovered anything nifty? i like to rub my heels and elbows gently with bath bombs after i drop them in the water and theyve dissolved a bit. i sometimes use bath melts as solid perfumes. i keep bee & flower sandalwood soap in my dresser drawers to keep out the lovely 50+ year old wood smell.

-You can use soft vitamin E capsules for the tub and you can also use them on dry patches. It makes them disappear. - I use a tiny (tear drop) size of good smelling body lotion on my hair to smooth out any flyaways. - Try wearing body splash instead of perfume. It works more like a soft musk and lasts. You will not make people sorry they had to share the elevator with you. - Use a body lotion with retinol and spf to cut time. Retinol will exfoliate in time, the lotion will soothe and moisturize skin, and the spf will save your skin in the process. I use Vaseline Intensive Care lotion with retinol and spf.

Add some Scots Porriage oats to your bath and grab a handful to use as a body scrub. Cleopatra was onto something when she bathed in milk. Adding milk to your bath will moisturise your skin. Olive slathered on dry hair will work wonders as mashed avocado on dry skin. 2 teaspoons of Epsom Salts will help detox your body.


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