B.C snowboarders have to pay tab for rescue

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Feb 1, 2006
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Source: Sympatico/MSN

A father and son who had to be rescued after snowboarding out of bounds at a North Vancouver resort last month have been told to cover the expenses.

North Shore Search and Rescue sent a six-person team into a "high risk situation" on Dec. 29 to retrieve the two.

The two got stuck in a gully where the avalanche risk was high, making things dangerous for their rescuers, who had to get the two up a collapsing vertical slope.

Chris Dagenais, a Grouse Mountain resort spokesman, said every year people have to be rescued while skiing in an out-of-bounds area and that hopefully sending a bill would add another deterrent.

The exact amount of the invoice wasn't disclosed, but Dagenais said it would be enough cover the cost of the rescue.

That's only fair IMHO... Those and climbers that get lost or stuck on the top of mountains should have to pay for their rescue after all they are putting other people in harms way to help them.. Usually after they do something they weren't supposed to be doing or going somewhere stupid given the conditions.. Its either that or they sign a waiver that says that if you go up there your on your own!!


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