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Mar 29, 2007
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maverick has become quite the independent baby, to the point where he wont let us feed him anymore. this wouldnt be a problem if he ate all his food. but he doesnt. he's now boycotting everything but fruit.

he's too young to feed himself (14 months) as his only way of eating. how do i retrain him???

hi there, independence in kids is so funny. the only thing i could suggest would be to just let him feed himself. He will eat til he's full. usually. and he'll eventually get over only wanting fruit and want other things. just keep trying to throw them in with his fruit. we have to do this with my son because he gets on kicks where all he will eat is pizza or chicken nuggets. it eventually gets old and he'll want something else. he'll eat if he's hungry. before you know it he'll be eating you out of house and just keep trying to get him to eat other things, he eventually will. good luck!

he is teething, getting in side molars- that's what my husband says is happening... i also just read that when babies start walking, which maverick has, they lose interest in eating, so it may be the mixture of both.

he's off baby foods all together and only on to table foods, because like i said, he wont let me feed him anymore.

ugghhh... babies can be so frustrating.

maybe i'll start with pediasure for when i get really worried.

I'd give him Pediasure for now to be safe, and when in doubt, call his physician. I've been through similar phases with Cyera, and the doctor told me as long as she was eating, not to worry too much.

If he's teething, then he might be picking foods he knows he can eat without hurting his little gums too much. Or, he's picking foods he knows as he chews on them, it'll massage the gums. But like I said, when in doubt, call his physician

(I give Maverick credit, at least it's fruit and not chips or cookies!)

i let cait feed herself when she did this, make food colorful for them then they become more intrested in wat they are eating.


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