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Jan 4, 2007
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Well, as you may or may not have read in my other threads/comments, I have NOT had that good of a week. My boss cut my best shift, my phone broke, my attempts to exercise were thwarted when my bike got a flat tyre and Im at university all weekend for an on campus session.

Well what with all that bad stuff I sounded like a little bit of a whinger, so I wanted to mention how sweet my bf has been during this difficult time.

When my phone broke, he knew that I couldn't afford to get a phone of the same value, since I had spent a lot on my phone, and I'm not doing many hours at work (due to my skankfaced ho bag of a boss cutting shifts)

Instead, he offered to get his second, newer phone unlocked for me, as he doesnt use it. I promised to pay him $100, and the unlocking would cost $50, which means I'd be getting a $600-800 phone for only $150!

well we went in and asked to have it unlocked and they kept the phone for a few days, but then called back and said it was not unlockable. I was SO disappointed.

Well, my bf dragged around a billion phone shops looking for somewhere who would unlock it for us. He even spent hours looking it up online for me to see if he could unlock it himself.

When we felt we'd wasted enough time doing this, he went shopping with me AGAIN to buy a new phone since it was obvious that the technology to unlock his phone is not available. We looked EVERYWHERE for the phone I wanted, as all the shops had run out.

Not only that, knowing that I owed a girl at uni $40, and that it would cost $80 to change my number back to my old network, he bought me a full tank of petrol AND paid the $80 himself.

I felt so lucky to have his support and love this week, and so I just had to tell you all the trouble he's gone to.!

Aww that's so sweet of your boyfriend! It always helps so much to have someone like that around when you're having a bad week!

Aw, he's gaining points from Celly. Good BF, good BF!

Doesn't mean he's totally out of clear for that "break" he did months back. >_>

Good for you....he sounds like a guy who was raised we say here in the south. My husband is that kind of guy.He has saved more than my a** over the years,he is dependable,trustworthy,and I am so lucky to have him.He seems to have come to realize that you are a good one that he doesnt need to let get away.I say keep him.

hehe, he'll be so proud he's gained "celly points" he's being doing pretty well with the "parent brownie points" reccently too... we went to watch my dad do a cross country race, and he bought them a bottle of wine when he came over for dinner.

I'll tell him his MUT girls brownie points have gone up and he'll be all smiley, LOL

Haha, aw.

Yeah... his highest score to reach is 25 to get to Celly "likey" status.

He's got about 5 pts so far.

That was sooo nice of him! Sorry you had a sucky week. I hope the next one gets better.


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