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May 10, 2007
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I have noticed that small bags or circles are forming under my eye area. I didn't start noticing it forreal until I started using Concealer under my eyes. This bothers me and wanted to know if anyone knew some suggestions to solve this problem. Thanks in advance!

I have read that hemroid cream works well under there, i bought it but i did not try it yet. I think i will start tomorrow or sometime this week, seeing as i have the same problem as you .

Hi yes Hem cream does work, my cousin is a Catwalk Model and she uses it alot, but i also find that L`oreal Collagen filler is quite good.

I've always heard the model thing about hemorrhoid cream and have tried it before. But, especially for older women, like myself, it's really drying and shows the wrinkles ALOT more.

I used castor oil under my eyes before going to bed for a long time. Amazingly, it worked! No puffy, baggy under eyes.

But, lately, it hasn't been.

Is there a really good eye firming cream that works for baggy eyes?

The best thing is a good skin care routine...

also, putting two spoons in the freezer overnight and then using them under your eyes in the morning really helps to brighten up the skin.

I know alot of people dismiss it, but it works for me.

Limit salt and alcohol intake. Under your eyes are three fat pockets. These pockets fill with excess fluid and become enlarged creating that baggy undereye look.


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