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It looks very interesting. It will be great if it works. I went ahead and ordered it. It will ship on the 28th. I wish it would ship now! I cant wait to try it out!
Please be sure to post reviews!

I've never tried the BE powder cleanser but I use O'Slee powder cleanser (asian brand). It is great for travelling because it's so light and no chance of leaks.

I bought the BE powder cleanser today, and I love it so far, it really does make my skin feel really clean, and makes my skin glow...overall,my skin looks healthy. And that is just with a 1 time use... *_*

I bought some in the hopes of duping it. I really like it though I'm not sure I feel clean after. It does leave my skin feeling soft though and not too dry which is a plus for me and my dry skin.


this might be a stupid question, but would there be bismuth oxide in this product?

I bought this off QVC and like it a lot. It gets every trace of makeup off and my skin feels smoother and softer.

If anyone every figures out how to duplicate it, please post your recipe.


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