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Jan 24, 2012
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Okay, I do not wear makeup/foudation normally, mainly because my skin is almost flawless and I can not always find my color(I am milk chocolate color). However, I do want to start wearing it to get a polished look but I do not want it to be cakey or clog my pores. Thats why I would like to try mineral makeup however I am very nervous by choosing my color online without trying it on first. Even with samples, I do not know where I should start. I got a mini makeover with Bare Minerals(went to Sephora) and my color was Medium Dark but I have heard mixed reviewed about them. 

Since I am an extreme beginner, is it a smarter move to try Bare Minerals starter kit and "get my feet wet" with the makeup world first? Other MMU lines I have researched with a wider variety of shades are valana minerals and meow cosmetics but they dont have a physical boutiques/cosmetic store.

Also, brushes. I dont have ANY. Do I use the brushes of the MMU brand, or buy my own? 

Mar 17, 2011
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Northern New Jersey
Wow! Great questions!!

Bare Minerals is the most popular brand because, well, they're most accessible.

There are a lot of other brands out there that market to the mineral minded, each brand has its own formulation.

Personally, I'm allergic to Bare Minerals and Mary Kay's mineral makeup, however, I found a new love in LA Minerals.

You can purchase samples of LA Minerals thru their website and I also believe she runs an offer where you buy 5 get 5 sample free.  So you can try a large array of colors at a great price!

As far as brushes go, there are a lot of brands out there that you can use.  The most popular and economic ones are Eco Tools found at Target, but you can also use the Bare Minerals brushes, or any brush at Sephora...  I use a flat top brush from Mary Kay because I find that it works well with the mineral foundation to set it and apply.

One thing with mineral makeup is that you should use a primer to help hold the makeup in place.  Personally I have use may brands (including Bare Minerals) but I fell in love with the Laura Gellar Spackle in Bronze. 

Good luck with your choices and I highly recommend just trying and testing out different brands.

Jan 26, 2012
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I think the Get Started Kit by Bare Escentuals could be the way to go. But you may need to be careful because there are quite a few people allergic to Bare Escentuals but I think it is a great way to get your 'feet wet' as you say. Fresh has a range of colours

It is a bit on the pricey side but you do get a fair few products with it. But if you wanted to test the shade I'd go to your local department store and get a tester first.

But if Bare Escentuals doesn't cut it, there are some great other mineral brands like Estee Lauder (Nutritious Vita Mineral Powder MakeUp SPF15), GloMinerals, Jane Iredale, Lancome... there are lots for you to try!


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