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May 22, 2012
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I'm brand new here and not even much interested in fashion as a whole, but I couldn't find anywhere else to go. I'm at a total loss; I used to love painting my nails, I like to keep them long and my nails are covered in random white spots that nobody can really define. I have no half-moons, and the part of my nail that extends beyond the finger is oddly-shaped and uneven. I want to paint them again, but since my new job and running out of good topcoat, I can't keep anything on them.

I work as a pet care technician at a doggie daycare/boarding facility. Lots of cleaning, lugging around crates and dogs, lots of strain on my nails. I was wondering if anyone had a particular base and/or top coat they'd recommend that don't chip much and that last a decent amount of time. A brand of nail polish that is chip-resistant would be great too!

So if you're passionate about your brand, do tell!

Apr 22, 2012
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trexus i use all different kinds of nail polish but my fave's are N.Y.Color and Revlon.but what really keeps my nails from chipping is the Revlon Extra Life No Chip Top does work.


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