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Nov 26, 2004
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Let's get to know each other!!

Occupation: Full time Hairstylist/ Part time makeup artist

Hobbies: Hmmm, my jobs are my hobbies!
I also skateboard. I looove a good game of pinball!! I also used to sew and design a lot of clothes, but haven't had the time lately.

Favorite movies: The Goonies, Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion, Breakfast at Tiffany's

Biggest Guilty Pleasure: My night-time soaps! The OC, North Shore, Charmed, & Veronica Mars!!

Drink of choice: Stoli Vanilla on the Rocks

Music you're into right now: Yeah Yeah Yeah's, Rachael Yamagata, Modest Mouse, & The Killers

Most Shag-able: Johnny Depp!!

One word to describe yourself: Optomistic

Ok, now copy & paste; then fill in with your own answers!!

Occupation: Admin/Customer Service/Sales in an IT company

Hobbies: MuT, Make-Up, Watching my fave shows on TV, dieting (LOL!), going out for meals

Favorite movies: Dirty Dancing, The Bodyguard, The Lion King, Shrek 1 & 2 & i'm dying to see The Grudge coz i heard it was brill & i know it would become a fave movie!

Biggest Guilty Pleasure: Creamy Cakes. I shouldn't be eating them while i'm dieting but i always manage to have one every now & again

Drink of choice: Coca Cola baby!

Music you're into right now: Jamie Cullum, Destiny's Child, Natasha Bedingfield (don't think she's released her music in the US yet but she's on her way over to you guys!)

Most Shag-able: Orlando Bloom (that's all i can think of right now but there are more!)

One word to describe yourself: Lazy!

Occupation: full time college student

Hobbies: internet beauty messageboards, shopping for makeup, playing with makeup... anything to do with makeup! I also love to dance and read.

Favorite movies: Just Married, Sweet Home Alabama, Troy

Biggest Guilty Pleasure: Krispy Kreme's Glazed Chocolate Cake Donuts (YUM

Drink of choice: coffee

Music you're into right now: JoJo, Avril Lavigne, Kelly Clarkson

Most Shag-able: AJ McLean

One word to describe yourself: Perfectionist

About Tony!!

Occupation: President/Director of Ar WebSolutions, Inc (yep, that company owns Makeuptalk and 10 others)

Hobbies: Pretty much just as GEEKY as you can imagine with the ol' computer. LOL Love to Ski, hang w/ family and always giggling, watchin Football

Favorite movies: Matrix series, forrest gump, Titanic, american beauty, Saved!, Terminator series, as god as it gets, Shawshak redemption, the game, plane trains, and automobiles, basic instinct.

Biggest Guilty Pleasure: M&Ms LOL

Drink of choice: Beerman all the way, gimme BEER or gimme death

Music you're into right now: no music, TALK RADIO JUNKIE, Political radio!

Most Shag-able: Gwen Stephanie (lol, I just said I wasn't into music)

One word to describe yourself: Anal bigtime

Occupation: Insurance Agency - Receptionist, customer service, & Claims

Hobbies: Shopping, Playing online, coming to MUT
Playing with my boyfriend's lifted trucks, car shows and just hanging around

Favorite movies: Airplane 1 & 2, Titanic, National Lampoon movies, Love Stinks, Shallow Hal, Meet the Parents, - too much to list! pretty much anything !!! lol

Biggest Guilty Pleasure: Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia Ice Cream

Drink of choice: Coffee

Music you're into right now: rock, dance - top 40

Most Shag-able: John Stamos

One word to describe yourself: 'Luvable'!

Occupation: Mortgage Underwriter

Hobbies: surfing online

Favorite movies: The Santa Clause (with Tim Allen), Father of the Bride, The Titanic

Biggest Guilty Pleasure: Chocolate!

Drink of choice: Coffee

Music you're into right now: X-mas Music and talk radio

Most Shag-able: Pierce Brosnan

One word to describe yourself: Intense

Originally Posted by speakerpunk Occupation: CSR/Slave
Hobbies: Writing, reading, hoarding makeup, playing with our dog, watching movies, playing on the computer, shopping, collecting Andy Warhol items, searching for the perfect white grape fragrance

Favorite movies: Oceans 11, The Goonies, PCU, The Litle Mermaid, Beauty & The Beast, Gone with the Wind, Finding Nemo, Shawshank Redemption, The Mummy series

Biggest Guilty Pleasure: Real World marathons

Drink of choice: Greyhound

Music you're into right now: Anything my husband spins, U2 always

Most Shag-able: Can't decide yet :p /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

One word to describe yourself: Multi-faceted

Well HELLO there stranger! Remember me??? How are you keeping?
Occupation: Administrative Assistant

Hobbies: Reading, Shopping, and of course MUT

Favorite movies: Grease, Legally Blonde, Mona Lisa Smile, Thelma and Louise

Biggest Guilty Pleasure: Dark Chocolate

Drink of choice: Red Wine

Music you're into right now: I'm just got in the holiday mood, so I have Jessica Simpsons Christmas CD.

Most Shag-able: Ohhh Denzel!!!!!

One word to describe yourself: Creative

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Occupation: Homemaker and school volunteer.

Hobbies: Harley Davidsons,cooking,gardening,taking care of my pets,hanging with family and friends, and of course MUT.

Favorite movies: Austin Powers,Braveheart,Jaws,Steel Magnolias,The Blue Collar Comedy Tour.

Biggest Guilty Pleasure: Anything sweet and fattening

Drink of choice: Coffee

Music you're into right now: Mostly Talk radio when I'm in the car, but I love classic & southern rock, I listen to a lot of Clapton,Allman Brothers,Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Most Shag-able: Mel Gibson

One word to describe yourself: Different

Occupation: Student! I'm majoring in fashion design at the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio.

Hobbies: If I was to list all my hobbies it would take me at least a half hour, so I will just list a few: Sewing, cooking, MAKEUP, listening to music, remixing music, playing video games (especially tony hawk), hanging out with friends, looking at magazines, dancing, going to clubs, playing with my kitties, making people laugh, laughing, watching tv, making hemp jewelry, and many others.

Favorite movies: Bad Boys I & II, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, many many others. I worked at a movie theatre for almost 2 years so I was always watching all the new movies, and when I go home on weekeneds from college I still watch movies there.

Biggest Guilty Pleasure: Magazines. It is sad how long magazines entertain me.

Drink of choice: Water. But I can't live without my daily coffee or my weekly Dr. Pepper.

Music you're into right now: Anything hip hop or R&B. I really like Young Buck, Ying Yang Twins, Petey Pablo, Lil Jon, Ciara, Destiny's Child. I listen to all kinds of music though.

Most Shag-able: Ryan Cabrera

One word to describe yourself: Hilarious

Occupation: culinary student/commis chef/ sales associate

Hobbies: cooking, reading, sewing, antiquing/thrifting

Favorite movies: ghost world, fight club, the royal tenenbaums, happiness

Biggest Guilty Pleasure: hair metal.

Drink of choice: fruit punch, because i am 5 years old. lol.

Music you're into right now: rasputina, courtney love, j church, melissa auf der maur, the smiths, morrissey, nick cave and the bad seeds.

Most Shag-able: henry rollins, ed norton, james marsters

One word to describe yourself: cute!

Occupation: Dental CSR & Student

Hobbies: Thrifting, walking my dog & reading.

Favorite movies: The Goonies, Roman Holiday, Star Wars (the original) series, The Usual Suspects

Biggest Guilty Pleasure: Desperate Housewives & The Aprrentice

Drink of choice: Grey Goose Marti w/3 olives

Music you're into right now: anything relaxing

Most Shag-able: Bill Rancic =)

One word to describe yourself: Loyal


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