Beautiful Bangs for Your Face Shape, Part III: Oval forums

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Jan 10, 2007
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Welcome to the third installment of Beautiful Bangs for Your Face Shape. Celebrities such as Sarah Michelle Gellar, Beyonce, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Garner, Hillary Swank and Sarah Jessica Parker all have oval/long shaped faces. The best types of bang styles for them—or for you—are longer bangs that fall a little bit below the eyebrows. Yet perhaps one special celeb whose bangs have evolved dramatically over the years is Halle Berry.

If you have an oval face shape, you are lucky, since you can play around with many different bang options. For example, if your hair is thick, try a blunt-cut short bang. If your hair is thin, then a billowy fringe or long wisps will look great too!

The goal is to add some width and fullness at the sides so that your face looks more symmetrical. Avoid creating too much volume at the top, or you will only make your face look too drawn-out and oblong. (My mom calls this the "egghead.")

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This is my face shape. I'm contemplating bangs to switch up my look a bit. I'm just so indecisive! Thanks for the tip!

I was actually thinking of doing something a little different with my hair since i'm sick of it always being the same and was considering bangs but LONGER bangs. I don't know though.