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Beauty Bay?

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Feb 17, 2013
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So I want both of the Urban Decay OZ palletes. And I went to two Sephoras and still they don't have it! I'm in France and it isn't even online yet. So I went to search online and Urban Decay is a lot less popular here ( oh i just miss the U.S :'( ) so it's hard to find anything Urban Decay online..

There is the Urban Decay website which now has international shipping! But you have to go through some company... myus.com which I read some very bad reviews on and I would have to pay extra money and it's just a no go. So I found a website which for me is totally new. I'm sure some of you heard of it, it seems to be popular.. I don't know. It's BeautyBay.com they have both palletes, free shipping, AND it's only 40 eurs not 43 so I'm saving some money haha. But On their facebook I read some great stuff then a lot of people are complaining... saying they did not get the order or it's taking like 20 days or they only got half of it... That scares the hell out of me! I don't want to put 80 euros in the trash seriously... 

So does anyone have a good site that ships internationaly with Urban Decat? Or have a good experiance with Beauty Bay?

I am dying to get these palletes ASAP!!

Also I hope I'm posting this in the right forum.. I saw "shopping tips" so I was like.... ok here. If no then I'm sorry I'm just new here xD.

Ya on the UD site is suggests MyUS.com http://www.urbandecay.com/International/international,default,pg.html .

I just went and searched the reviews of BeautyBay.com and they are downright terrible. Tons of people paying and never getting anything. I can not recommend this site. I would stick with the suggested site from UD even if it is a little more, at least you will get your stuff. Your other option would be to find a friend in the US who is willing to ship it to you.

i read a few reviews on their site from bloggers as well. One of them got a naked palette that was already used.

Already used? That is horrible.

I made a order from Sephora. I called and had to order it from the store and now need to wait for them to get it then go get the the stuff my self -.- It takes a bit longer so I am hoping these UD palletes are worth the wait!


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