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Beauty Solutions from Cellnique

Cellnique Cosmaceutical was born in early 1996.  Cellnique is driven by their passion in pursuing flawless perfect solutions, not only with regard in providing the most professional and result-driven skin care products, but also with aim to set new benchmarks in the skincare salon industry while promoting a vibrant, confident and healthy lifestyle for both our business partners and users.  By focusing on providing effective and results-proven beauty solutions to its exclusive salon partners and customers, Cellnique Paramedical is the first paramedical salon brand in the South East Asia and the expert in problematic skin that will turn your complexion from inside out to flawless radiant skin. Over the course of a few years Cellnique has been developing and rising rapidly.  Now it has expanded into several countries with the aim to move into the national market.

Besides having only retail beauty salons in a few countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong,  Cellnique is looking forward to growing into national markets by following the trend of the new generations which is through the Internet.  Cellnique and its products can be found and purchased within a few clicks through  Now customers from overseas will be able to receive and get a chance to widen their selection of skincare products with  It has been a positive response as many great reviews have been posted on the Cellnique website on the different range of products that Cellnique has.

All Cellnique products are infused with Cx Formulation.  This advanced in-clinic formulation combines the power of biologically active ingredients, natural plant extracts and antioxidants with the latest bio-active delivery system each product was designed to meet and exceed the strictest standards of quality and product safety and formulated using the purest pharmaceutical-grade active ingredients.  Cellnique’s products focus on different skincare issues and each of Cellnique’s products are well known for it multifunction. Cellnique’s products range from focus on acne, congestion, open pores and many more.  In addition, throughout the website, there will be a simple skin analysis which helps consumers choose the right products for the right skin problems. Furthermore, the website  includes a way to teach consumers on how to use these products. 

Customers can also check out news, highlights, promotions, competitions, giveaways, and more on Cellnique’s social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and their Blog.  This is another way for the overseas consumers to get more information on Cellnique beauty solutions and for Cellnique to take care of overseas consumer’s welfare.

We stand behind the quality and effectiveness of Cellnique products.  All products are sold with a 30-day-assurance. If you are not satisfied after using any of the products, you may receive 100% cash refund or exchange to another product with same or lower value, within 30 days from the purchase date.  Users experiencing defective or damaged products may have them exchanged for new ones at no cost.  Therefore, Cellnique does not only aim for the short term in making sales but aims to help customers, especially those who face skin issues, in solving and providing solutions to their skin issues and achieving beauty,  as everyone deserves to have perfect flawless skin.   As the old saying goes for the Chinese “There wasn’t any ugly person in this world but only lazy peopleâ€. 


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