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Jun 17, 2004
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BF and i get this really yummy koean barbecue at our fave japanese restaurant. its basically just thinly sliced marinated beef served on lettuce with a spicy dipping sauce.

i make it a bit different each time. i take a large zip lock bag and make the marinade in it. the bulk of it is soy sauce (dark japanese soy sauce, please!) with galangal, kaffir lime leaves, ginger, vinegar, fish sauce, sugar, a bit of teriyaki, and hot red chili sauce. i never measure, just throw it in. chiffonade the lime leaves (or substitute lime juice) and put the galangal and ginger in whole.

freeze the beef for about 20 minutes to make it easier to slice as thinly as possible. the best part of this recipe is that you can use a really cheap piece of meat like round steak, and have it feed several people for not much money. the marinade and the thin slicing across the grain makes is really tender.

you can marinate it pretty much all day. do it for at least a few hours. slice an onion thinly and cook it until its soft with a bit of the marinade. throw the beef in all at once and cook it for a few minutes.

boil the marinade with some more hot red chili sauce to taste.

serve the beef on top of bibb or leaf lettuce. i like to top it with some sesame seeds, shredded carrots (you can buy them already shredded) and sometimes daikon or pea pods (thats mangetout for you non americans.) put a little sauce on top and roll it up.

i serve it with short grain rice on the side.