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Dec 14, 2012
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Being a student is the funest thing, allways practicing and trying out new colours...

but does the fun finish when you have to work and do the same old same old?

Being a student is definitely fun because your learning things you did not know, or did not know so well. So is an exciting part. Once you start working it can get a little stressful because of the possibility of not satisfying the client or messing up, But it will always be fun as long as you don't end up working in a routine environment, being on set for film or photo shoots is always fun for me:). And this is artistic, there's so much technique to learn that will take time and practice, there's always new products and styles to learn as well. I doubt you'll be bored if you truly love the art of it.

Personally for me i took the Cosmetic Management program for the art, but as soon as the business side came in, I loved it even more than the art and it helped me land a career even more than the artistry portion itself because I had the complete skillset. I had done freelance for so long but it wasn't helping me seek my financial goals personally, until i went business corporate and became successful.


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