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May 2, 2006
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when i first met my employer i told him i would go back to school september 17th.

yesterday i went to him (he was on holiday before) and told him my contract was ending september 30th. so i wanted to end my contract earlier. i already gave up on holidays so all i wanted is some time just to breathe between uni and the work. he said it wasn't possible if i was planned to be employed until september 30th and he said he'd think about it with the girl who wrote my contract.

the problem is legally he can't stop me to go to uni. but as it is a contract of 3 months, with a precise end, my possibilities to end the contract before are limited, and without bothering you with french law, my case doesn't fit in them so i need my boss to agree with me.

so now i'm trying to see how i can end my contract. i wanted to end it at the end of last week. now that i'm thinking about it, it's a bit short, so i'm willing to stay another week, but i need the last week before going back to uni. is that too much to ask?

just that because i didn't really notice before they did a mistake on my contract, now they don't wanna let me go.

it's pissing me off, and it's unfair too. damn it, i saw him writing down "goes back to uni september 17th". and i've wondered would i have been employed if it was only for two months? i doubt it. because it's never said, but another way to pick up students is to make sure they can stay as long as they can in the job. it's normal, but i also think it's abusing. students need money, so we can treat them like sh*t.

I am sorry I cant help you. I dont know anything about french law.

I dont think he can really stop you though from leaving whenever you want.

I'm sorry I can't help, but I agree with the above poster...he really cannot stop you from leaving if you want to?

he cannot stop me from leaving the friday before, but my problem is i wanna leave before. oh well, we'll see how it goes tomorrow.

What happens if you just quit?
Sorry. You "sound" frustrated with good reason. I hope things work out the way you want them to.

legally they can sue me. ok, so today i got told i had to write a letter and i can quit starting from friday september 7th. i decided yesterday that would be my last day of work, so ok good, we agree on that.

but then the girl added : if you leave earlier you won't have the 10% you should have got at the end of your contract (10% of all your paychecks). let's say i loose about 200-250US$. well first, i'm not so sure about that (i'm checking it right now in the law) and even if it is, well, i'll manage without it. it's not like i have the choice and i don't plan to ever go there again.