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Apr 14, 2004
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I'm wondering how everyone feels about these products. Some people use them as blush, others, a highlighter. The boxes read: "an all over face brightener." My Dandelion story: When my best friend came down from Dallas to help us move, she had fun with this product, showing me how to use it as a highlighter (I was kind of clueless as you where exactly to use a highlighter, but it sounded like a nice idea). I was afraid, at this point, that I had been very wrong to dust it lightly, all over my face, when she showed me the particular areas of my face to highlight. The next day, my best friend and I wandered into Foley's, where we happened upon a BeneFit counter. The MA proceeded to use a powder brush to gently dust it over my friend's entire face. That's exactly how I had been applying it, so I was relieved to know that it could be used as an all-over face brightener powder, on days when I need a bit more "wake me up" than my translucent powder. Some people are complaining that they aren't pigmented enough to use as a blush - but for people like me, who want a subtle brightness and not a full-blown blush, it's the miracle product that has made me a believer in BeneFit! What do you think?

I would have done the same thing and dusted it all over my face to give it some glow. I don't own either one of the products but I'm thinking about buying Georgia. I guess you can use them both ways, just as a highlighter and as an all over color.

Originally Posted by LucyBJ I adore Dandelion. I am LLL, MAC NC20, blue-eyed blonde. I use it as a blush in the Winter, and a highlighter the rest of the year. I actually purchased Georgia as well, but the peachy powder did not work for me as well as the pink. HTH That sounds like a lovely idea!
I've got both, and I love Dandelion more, but Georgia is very pretty as well.
Originally Posted by Christi239 I've got one of these in the mail just recently. I was actually a bit surprised by the size. I expected it to be bigger. I've only tested it on the back of my hand so far. It seems really sheer to me. I'm not sure if I'm going to like it. Thanks for the advice though. I will try it as an all over application on my face. I thought it was quite small, too, for the price. However, it's the one thing that has really worked for me to brighten my face, even as a blush, because blushes and I don't really get along. LOL! I like the sheerness of it for my skin. I think it's the one big purchase that I'd make, because it's the one product that *really* works for me. If they ever discontinue it, I'll be buying more to stock up on.
I've heard people complain about the size of the container. I can't decide now if I should go for Dandelion or Georgia....

Originally Posted by Reija(admin) I've heard people complain about the size of the container. I can't decide now if I should go for Dandelion or Georgia.... The container is pretty small, when you consider that it's a blush/highlighter/powder, but it's kind of like buying Prescriptives or Clinique's loose powder for $30-something. If it's the big makeup purchase you make once a year, then it's worth it. I've got a few friends who use thw afformentioned products, and they usually buy mostly low end makeup, but those are the higher ends that they have to buy once a year. For me, BeneFit is worth it, because those two beauties provide something I've never been able to find before.
About not knowing which to buy - I'd definitely recommend you try both out first. The Dandelion seems to be more popular, but it really depends on what you want out of the products. Hope that helps!


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