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Jun 11, 2005
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It's that time of year ladies....yep already!! Here the new Holiday Products from Benefit. Get em' while you can because I know for a fact they will ALL sell out before X-Mas.

The Justine Case....A mini case of on-the-go beautifier. Comes with...Some kind of Gorgeous, Benetint, California Kissin Gloss and Eyecon eyecream. $30


Betty Brush Kit...comes with a powder brush, hard angle, fluff shadow and the talent brush. $44


Best of Benefit....Comes with Dallas, Bad Gal LAsh and Eyebright. $46 value is $66


The "10" Palette...comes with 10, and two shades of shadow and lip cream. $28


Best of Benefit...Iconic Classics. Comes with Dr. Feelgood, Bad Gal Lash and Benetint. $58 with $76 value


Do it Daily's finally back. This product was discontinued but customers demanded it come back. Here it is in a new squeeze tube and better than ever. $26


Her Glossiness Gift Pack...comes with double-ended best selling glosses. $26


Miss Popularity...Dab this silvery highlighter where ever you want attention. Eyes, cheeks, lips, cleavage...? $24


Best of Benefit Cult Classics....this set includes Benetint PocketPal, Dandelion, Some kind of Gorgeous. $56 with a value of $76


If you love is the time to stock up on your faves!!!!!

Manders, Are they full sized products like in the last pic with the dandelion? I need a new dandelion.

I like the glosses and the moisturizer sounds nice.

Thanks for posting!

The Best of Kits are all full sized products. The only minis are the palettes.

The brushes are adorable!! I want them, but I already have two full sets of Benefit brushes...I just like the pouch and the blac handles.

I used to use the Do it Daily religiously..actually here is the evolution.

First...Daily Hyaularonic Cream....loved it!!! They discontinued it,

Next....Do it Daily.....loved it....phased it out. Introduced Dear John cream.

Finally....Do it Daily is back by Popular Demand....yay!!

I still have some of the old packaging. Bought them all up when I got wind of the phase out. I love the tube of this though.

Its soo hard to get Benefit over here!! I honestly don't know anywhere in Oz that stocks Benefit, and any sites I try to order from won't ship to Oz, even Ebayers LOL.

Aussie girls.... have you found a stockist at all?

These holiday treats look just gorgeous!

the brush set looks really nice (especially the case)!

but i dont know much about the brushes at benefit as i dont have/use any.

Oh, those look lovely. I wish I bought more Benefit products in Ireland; I'm in love with my 10 bronzer/highlighter.

Are the brushes good from benefit? I was going to buy a brush set, and was just wondering how these compare to MAC, Thanks.

Oh my

There are some lovely gift sets there.

Benefit do really good Christmas items.

Sadly they will probably take a while to come out in the UK

ohh, nice. Makes me glad we finally have a Benefit counter in Vienna now.


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