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Dec 22, 2004
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Bay Area, California
It's that time of year again! New stuff for Spring 05!!! Ok, I will post some pics of the new products:


This is the new acne skincare line! I am looking forward to the foaming wash and the blemish fighting concealer! Ohh.. and the body scrub. Ok, I want all of it.


Glamazon is a re-released product that we discontinued about 2 years ago. It's a liquid bronzer that is sheer. It looks a lot more natural than powder bronzers and I used to add it to foundation to make it a few shades darker for the summertime. I know a woman that uses it in stripes on her face to create the illusion of cheekbones.

The Jewels are awesome. The picture does not do these babies justice!!! Two of the colors are liquid shadows and two are highlighters/creme shadows. They are sooo pretty. I am guessing the look for Spring is dewy and shimmery!

Another new product is called Non-Fiction liquid foundation! I love it. It smells like mint and it goes on really smooth. It reminds me of a sheer version of Christian Dior's Diorskin liquid foundation. Does not feel gross like most liquid foundations do!


I'm totally diggin' the Jewels. Are they available or will the be released closer to Spring?

The Jewels aren't in the store yet. I think you can order them online now, but I would wait until you can test them out. I tried out a peach one that I want, and it's really peachy looking, but in this picture it's not! I will let you know when the stuff is in the stores. The only thing available in the store now is the Non-Fiction foundation.

Thanks. I love the look that it projects.

BTW, has anyone told you that you bear a striking resemblance to Debi Mazar? I think she's one of the most beautiful & underutilized women in Hollywood.





HAHA! Yeah! I love her! She's hot and the last movie I saw her in was Collateral, very small part! I wish I could see her in more stuff. I've been told I look like many people, someone said I looked like Kelly Osbourne and I wasn't too impressed with that. hah!

I haven't seen that, but will rent it when it's out on DVD. Ironically enough, she used to be a makeup artist (I think Madonna was a client), & turned to acting.

I don't see the Kelly Osbourne thing, but Debi is definitely there.

I think my husband wishes Sephora didn't exsist. LOL

Originally Posted by Glamourpuss I want all the products!! I think my husband wishes Benefit would stop bringing out products or at least that I would stop being addicted to getting them!
Yay! I am glad everyone enjoyed the post! I would also like to let everyone know that we will be coming out with a new product at least every month this year. I will, of course, post photos and reviews of each item as they come in. WEHHHH!!!

The jewels look adorable! Gotta check em out once they are released to the stores. Thanks for the heads up!


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