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Jun 13, 2012
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Has anyone tried the Benefit's How To Look Best At Everything kit? I am planning to get it, but seen some mixed reviews here and there. I wanted to know what you guys think. Also, which one should I get for a NC25? Thanks!

I used to use bareminerals but found it showed up my fine lines round my eyes so wanted to try something new, so I popped into benefit and they gave me a make over, no fine lines! Yay! I couldn't realm afford to buy everything they used and I wanted to test it for myself. As I can never makeit look as good as the professionals. So I bought the light one its great the primer leaves your skin smooth and 1 pump of the foundation goes along way, I have dark circles and blend the 2 shades of boing which cover well however it can be a bit cakey for under eyes in my opinion but great for spots and blotchy skin. They did suggest a different concealed for under eyes but I can't remember what it was. If like me you have very light skin the shade of foundation in the light kit is a bit dark but its workable if your buying the kit to test out the brand like me. The finishing powder is lovely but a bit messy in the kit however it gave me the lovely powder I i liked from the mineral make up. been using it for a week and love it.


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