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Feb 7, 2013
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I thought I'd post a thread regarding Benta Berry products for individuals to add their 2 cents to. Many people who have tried Benta Berry products have done so as a result of receiving product samples through Birchbox subscriptions. As somebody who has been using Benta Berry products daily for about 3 months now, however, I thought I'd weigh in with my opinions about the product line with comments that some others may not have been able to make with such a small one-use sample.

The Brand: (Description via their website) -

One day an observation gave birth to an idea, which created a spirit that then became a brand called BENTA BERRY.

The Benta Berry story began in December 2008 . One of my children was complaining about skin problems and I tried to convince him that his concerns were part of a transitionnal phase. But he was solely preoccupied with the present. Unequiped, I noticed that many of the young people around me were using prescribed medications to address problem skin and acne. I wondered what other solutions were available prior to using extreme measures. I tried in vain to encourage my children to use gentler and more preventive methods.

I subsequently observed my children and their friends over tile in order to better understand their needs. I also studied skincare options available for young skin. From my research and findings, I determined that a place existed for a brand with the vision of BENTA BERRY and I created BENTA BERRY as a brand to meet my ambition: multicultural, scientific with a university label, all natural active ingredients, nomadic packaging, and digital. BENTA BERRY is a brand for and by youth with a positive approach to the natural evolution of young skin.

I surrounded myself with the very best experts, each recognized as leaders in their fields. The combined talents of these specialists make BENTA BERRY a reality today.

For me, BENTA BERRY is above all a "Mood" which is the very essence of youth today…

Marie-Pierre Schmitz
The Products: Benta Berry offers 3 separate skin care lines, with other products also for sale. These 3 lines are....

-Men's: A cleanser, exfoliator, and moisturizer designed for young adult men.

-Women's: A cleanser, exfoliator, and moisturizer designed for young adult women.

-G-1: A cleanser, exfoliator, and moisturizer designed for teens or young adults of both genders specifically targeting oiliness and acne-prone skin.

My Experience: When I first tried Benta Berry at a store in NY that stocks their products (one of only 2 in the country, I believe), I wasn't very impressed. I applied a small amount of the G-1 Moisturizer and it seemed to ball up very fast, and I hadn't used any moisturizer or product on my face besides a cleanser that morning. Later that day, though, I realized that my skin definitely felt and looked more even than usual, and was intrigued.

I decided to just go for it and bought a tube of the G-1 moisturizer, and found that after a few days of use, the balling went away. Maybe it's something about the way it interacts with your skin, as I definitely believe it takes some time (a week or so) to start getting the benefits of the product.

I've used pretty much every type of moisturizer out there, and found the G-1 to be by far the best I've ever used. It's expensive at $22 bucks per 30ml tube, but it's definitely worth it for me. I've found that it keeps my face from drying out while also keeping oil and acne to a lesser degree. It definitely is a strange product in that I've never used something like this that seems to start "working" with my skin the more I used it, and have been very pleased with the results.

It definitely causes some strange effects in terms of oil levels, shine levels, and texture during the first few uses, but I highly recommend that individuals who haven't been able to find a moisturizer they like for this type of combination skin try this.

I'm almost disappointed that Birchbox sent out samples of this product, since I think it takes far more than a single application to give it a full review, so keep that in mind. I don't think I'll ever switch to a different moisturizer in my life.

(Link removed, please read the Terms of Service.)

All of their G-1 line and Men's line can be purchased through Birchbox's online store, and the prices are much cheaper than if you order them directly from Benta Berry's own site. Hope this is helpful and gives some more info about a brand I love but feel has been misrepresented since Birchbox sent out their product samples!


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