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Apr 9, 2012
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I do currently use the Neutrogena Alcohol-free daily, and the AmorePacfic Moisture Bound Energy Hydration toner (kinda pricey) whenever I need a pick-me-up, but was wondering if there were any other good ones out there. I like to stick to alcohol-free toners because they don't dry out my skin. Thanks! 

My all time favorite is the Alba Botanica Hibiscus toner. It's about $10 depending which drugstore you go to. I also love the ProActive toner. It contains Witch hazel which can be similar to alcohol as far as drying out your skin though.

Hit up Marshalls or TJMaxx, they have skin care kits from TheBalm with alcohol free toners in them and you can get a cleanser and moisturizer too with most of these kits.

Age Defense kit has- Cucumber toner, Rose cleanser, and Olive face cream.

Bye Bye Dry Age Defy kit has - Geranium toner, Coconut cleanser, and Hazelnut, and Vitamin E cream.

Get Your Glow On kit has - Cucumber toner, Lavender cleanser, and Dandelion moisturizer.

You get the idea and there are other kits, I wanted masks and eye creams and found kits with those in them. The prices are $9.99 to about $20 with most going for $12.99. It's simply a great deal to try some new products!

How about rose toner? Heard that this is good as in calming down our skin.. But I can't find it locally