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Dec 12, 2003
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I have dark, heriditary circles that are aggravated by my allergies. The best concealor I've found so far is Max Factor Panstik, but I was hoping to find something better, probably high-end.

I need something full coverage, or at least buildable to full coverage.

Any recs?

Well i've always heard great things about YSL Touche Eclat although i don't have it myself YET (Santa Clause, if you're listening i'd like this for Xmas!)..

It acts as a concealer & it has light reflecting products in it so supposedly it hides those dark circles brilliantly. I can’t wait to try it out. All the celebs brag about it too, it’s know as “the magic wandâ€!!

Thanks for the suggestions!

A combination of Benefit's Lemon-Aid & Stila Eye Concealer has done wonders for me!!

I have very dark circles! I have finally found a way that works for me to finally get rid of my tired eyes.

This is what I do:

1) Eye cream & moisturizer

2) Foundation

3) Apply Lemon-Aid to dark part under the eyes

4) Press the Lemon-Aid into the skin; no rubbing! Do quick little pats with your ring finger.

5) Apply Stila Eye concealer over the Lemon-Aid with the same patting technique.

6) Set everything with loose powder

The Lemon-Aid has been a godsend! It really makes a big difference in brightening my eyes!


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