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Aug 17, 2005
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Anyone have any products they like? Nothing that is anti wrinkle though cause i'm 20 but something that will hydrate and smooth and refresh. Thanks

Clinique (i ask for samples at sephora
). i also like Aqua Sensation from Nivea, it's a lot cheaper than Clinique.

clinique all about eyes.

it comes in a gel and a cream form.

both are awsome and ive been using them for years.

OMG check out Mary Kays eye gel. It's greenish-blue in color, I think it's called refreshing eye gel or something. It's just very hydrating and makes you feel like you just took a nap. No anti-aging stuff in it however

for the moisturising and smoothing part, sometimes i just apply castor oil before going to bed.

I use 2 different eye product from Ice Elements (found at HSN)

Radiance IlluminEYES Serum and Rejuvenate Eye Cream.

Both have helped brighten, smooth and soften my eyes. It's the best eye products I've found yet.

I'm 27 by the way with no lines...

i use Dior HydrAction Hydra-Protective Eye Creme, love it. i also like H2O Plus Eye Mender Plus.

but when i am broke, i love Aveeno Positively Radiant Eye Cream and Olay Total Effects - Eye Transforming Cream and Neutrogena Illuminating Eye Reviver.

but my first love is Dior HydrAction.

I just bought Physicians Formula's eye cream last week, my eyes aren't as dry as the used to be, it's too early to tell how great it works, but it was only 6$ so, no complaints