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Jun 23, 2005
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Hello...sorry if this has been posted before. What is the best lip color for pale skin? I usually wear a light pink, but what about for something a bit more dramatic? Right now for that I use UD Lip Gunk in Hotpants or Wendy in Stila lipstick. Any suggestions?

I also have very pale skin and about all I wear is pale pink -- it looks so good on me, and other colors always look too orange or dark, I figure why change? lol (Rosy colors especially look orange on me ... maybe I need to try something a little cooler...)

I'm not sure if this is "dramatic" for you, but I had my makeup done once by a professional mu artist (when I was a bridesmaid in a wedding), and he used this awesome lip gloss on me that was a light pink (not super-pale, but not dark either) that reflected peach when the light hit it. I loved it, but I don't remember the brand and so far I haven't found anything like it ... but that's probably because I'm cheap and normally only use drugstore brands

Anyways, I guess my point is that I like pink and peach, and rose doesn't work on me. I've also tried some brownish-pink and brownish-peach colors that claim to be "a great neutral color on almost every skin tone" and they always end up looking orange on me too.

Oki doke, thanks
I'll try to get a picture up soon, but for now my hair color is dark brown and my eyes are also a dark brown.


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