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Mar 16, 2012
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I didnt get any feedback on my last thread so maybe if I'm a little more specific. I need something that is easy to apply with great coverage.  I scuba dive and need something I can put on while still on the boat, so that means most likely I wont have a mirror, so maybe a good powder foundation??


I love the Studiofix powder as well but it breaks me out terribly. Try Cargo's wet/dry powder. It's great coverage, long-lasting and  so easy to use. It also doesn't actually give you a powdery look if you wet your brush. It has replaced my studiofix.

I love Cover Girl Simply Powder. It's inexpensive, but it gives me great coverage that lasts throughout the day. There's a little mirror and an applicator sponge included in the packaging.

I'm going to put in a second recommendation for the Cover Girl Simply Powder. Until a couple years ago, it was all I ever used (then I decided I could use a little more coverage and now go with L'Oreal Infallible liquid mixed with primer + Simply Powder on top). I generally dislike Cover Girl products, but this foundation has been great. And it's cheap!


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