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May 27, 2012
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Hey everyone!  As a forewarning, my boyfriend's keyboard tends to stick, so if I leave out letters or spaces occasionally, well.. that's why.  I typically catch them though.  It's really irritating, ha.

My name is Beth, I'm nearly 25, I'm vegan, I'm straight edge, and I am obsessed with makeup.  I work as a color consultant at Sephora (disclaimer:  I do not represent Sephora, LLC or it's subsidiaries in any way shape or form) and am also a freelance makeup artist.  I blog and I vlog.  My youtube also includes 80+ tutorials as well as the more common beauty vlogger stuff (tags, reviews, monthly favorites).  Until my training with Sephora, I was solely self taught, and they mostly taught me about skincare.  I'd like to think I'm knowledge on beauty, but I am constantly absorbing everything around me.  You never stop learning.

I also model for an independent cosmetics brand called Madd Style Cosmetix.  It's vegan & cruelty free, and I consider the owner a friend.  This is relevant because they tend to pop up in my videos and posts, ha.

I do have a boyfriend of just over three years, and we share our home with a large, insane dog, two cats and several tarantulas.  We are planning on moving to a decent city in the next year, as he's just finished college and we're finally free of this place, haha.  He also wears makeup, and pops up in my videos often, either to discuss or as a guinea pig.  =]

So.. hello!  =D


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