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Apr 19, 2012
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While CNN says they have a source that confirms this to be true, it seems everyone but Beyoncé herself is sounding off on this. Various reports have rolled in and the subject has been a hot topic the last few days. I'm wondering what others think..if she did, does it matter or maybe it does? What do you think?

I can see both sides really. On one hand, it's the President, so bust out the real voice in honor of  him. Oh the other hand, it's still the president and it would be unfortunate to screw up something in front of him. Honestly it doesn't bother me either way as long as she is lip syncing to her own voice and not someone elses. It's common practice these days in the music industry.

I was there (that was cool, lol) and it was so cold, I honestly don't blame her. Kelly Clarkson sang live and sounded incredible, but Kelly Clarkson started her career singing live. I guess its not uncommon for outdoor events, especially of that size, to record it. I know people think it was cheap, but she can clearly sing the national anthem, imo, no harm no foul.


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