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Sep 26, 2007
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Hot... only because of the way she wears them with the outfit. I couldn't walk in these even if I wanted to though.

you girls should have grown up in the 70s! even guys wore platforms back then. that boot is childs play! lmao~ i love them and i'd sport them in a hearbeat! beyonce is rockin' out!

i think they're hot!
except for the length.. i prefer boots that go higher up the leg..

can't stand ankle boots

I just like the knuckle buckle heels...i dont like the spikes in the front and how the boots is calves lenght..maybe knee high then i will wear it.hahah

Rwar! The 80's are back! Actually, if those boots were re-tooled a little bit, I would like them. Give it a skinnier heel, a sleeker insole and toe, remove the "bedazzler spikes" at the toe, raise or lower the calf-line... it'd be awiiight.