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Mar 2, 2005
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For some reason I can't write reviews right now, so I just wanted to write that I love Beyond the Zone hair products! I got a bunch last week because I have to do alot of hair styling this week and every product I've used so far does exactly what it says it will. The only one I don't like is Smooth Shot and only cuz it has a funky smell, but as far as its performance-it smooths out and shines up even my hair(which is a big ball of frizzy curls lately) I've tried about 10 different products so far and I love them all. I've been using the Noodle Head stuff on my own hair for a while and I like the cream and the spray. Everything else I've been trying out has worked well with all types of hair and it all costs about $5 or less.

I agree... BTZ makes some really nice stuff!! I also use noodle head and the "gunk" removing green shampoo
Their stuff is reasonably priced, and available at Sally's.

interesting! what does the noodle one do?

i have slight waves and layers and it just turns it a frizzy mess

I use Noodlehead and the blue anti frizz one (can't think of the name)... I LOVE the anti-frizz one though because it also gives great shine in addition to controlling my frizz... very important in VA humidity... especially when airdrying...

so weird because i have/had 2 products (swapped one away) and none worked. one is the volumizing mousse (which i'll give another shot) and a knock-off of tigi's party something.


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