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Jul 1, 2005
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This line looks cool. I was wondering what you guys have to say about it, and what products have you tried???

I like Biotherm. I used to use the line a lot when I still lived in Finland. It's popular in Europe. I used the Body Milk and it's has a nice citrus scent and moisturizers well. I haven't tried the makeup. I love the gel eye makeup remover. I used it for years. It's very refreshing and doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes. Now I need a heavier remover because I sometimes wear waterproof mascara so I don't use Biotherm eye makeup remover anymore.

I use foundation as a concealer on areas of my face. Ive heard good things about their found., so now I'm interested. Ever since today
, I am interested in their line in general, b/c Stilas skin visor (spf 30) wasn't working out for me (I like it alot, but not for everday use), and the lady gave me 2 samples of this: Biopor melting moisturizing matifying fluid spf 15. It is a moisturizing and mattifying lotion that leaves pores tightened and visibly smaller. skin is hydrated and soothed, plus protected with spf 15!!!

Doesn't this stuff sound cool?!! I want to buy it now, and I haven't even used my samples!! I think it goes on as a gel too, which is the best part!!

i use the tinted moisturizer all the time and love it
i've heard really good things about their concealer, too. that's next on my list

I've got the moisturizer (Aquasource NonStop) which I really like and some e/s (Play On²) which is nice too. I've also heard good things about their mascara,but never used it myself.

trying to remember which products I have used and liked: Aquasource moisturizer, some liquid makeup (forgot the name though)

and: I´m off to buy one their new liquid eyeliners today. they´re called "Magic Painting" and they come in a few cool colors, although I think we only have the acid green and the bright blue one in stores here. I´ve heard they´re supposed to be really pigmented!!

It's pretty popular here, I think Biotherm is the cheap answer to Lancome (both owned by L'Oréal).

I love nearly everything from Biotherm. It's great stuff.. I just bought a hot pink liquid eyeliner from Biotherm last night. It's HOT. Their glosses look great, but they separate after time and get old fast. Boo! Try them out, I really like their moisturizers, tinted moisturizers, e/s and lipsticks.

You should definetely try Aquasource Non Stop,it's GORGEOUS!!! The only thing I've try is their lipsticks.great texture really!I've try many lipsticks Estee Lauder,Clinique,Mac and they hadn't Biotherm's texture!

I love the Glossy Shine glosses. I´ve bought 2 so far (110 and 130), they´re non-sticky, stay on well and feel like lip balm. And give a good shine as well!

I love the skincare from Biotherm, the best I found until now for my combination/oily skin. The foundation Sense Matte is my HG! I also love the e/s, but the color range is not as big as the MAC ones