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Jan 28, 2013
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I'm a little frazzled with Birch Box. I recently sent them an email just curiously asking what my position is on the wait list since I have been on for quite some time. I got a reply a couple days after saying that they can't find my email address in their system for signing up, also asking if I had sign up with a different email address.

I was gawked. My account has been the same since I signed up in January with the same email address. So I wrote back again stating that it has not changed and I signed up with my email. I got another response saying no we don't have it again and to sign up with this link, etc. I clicked the link and it was the same thing I did several weeks ago.

Has this happened to anyone before? It's frustrating because now I don't know if I have to wait another 4 weeks on top of the last 3-4 Ive been waiting already. I replied back saying I did sign up again and to make sure that I have signed up, probably will get another response in a couple days.