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Oct 30, 2006
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I just got on birth control (Yaz) and I want to know how long it takes for the pill to be fully effective? A week? A month? I forgot to ask my doctor. Also, if you did take Yaz before, how did you like it?

I believe when I first went on (I take ortho tri cyclen lo) it was 2 weeks to be effective. But I think my doctor said to just go through it the first month to be sure.

inside your pill packet there should be a small sheet which has all that kind of information on it. Without the exact name and brand it's difficult to be 100% sure of how long you should wait. I can't recall how long it takes to become effective since it's been 6 years since I first started. I think a week sounds about right, but the booklet inside the pill packet should provide you with that information. Also, if you type the exact name into google, information like that will be available on the manufacturer's website.

Good luck

My doctor told me that it would be at least two weeks before the pill to take effect and that I should use a back up method for the mean time.

Usually its two weeks but just in case I would wait it out for a month just to be on the safe side. If you really can't wait some backup might be nice! =]

When I was on Yasmin it was two weeks. I took it for about a year and was pretty happy with it.

Its two weeks for Yaz.

I was on Yaz for a year, but just switched to Kariva because Yaz is too expensive. It was $80 for 3 months, as opposed to $10 now for 3 months on Kariva. There is no generis available yet
My insurance blows.

I liked it though.

It's been a very long time since I've started b/c but I believe my doctor said 2 weeks to a full month. I wasn't sexually active and didn't have a partner so the waiting was no biggie. Since, I've been on so many different brands I've lost count.

I HATED Yaz towards the end. It seriously screwed with my system. Moods and physically. Without going into gross TMI I nearly had my cervix shortened due to an allergic reaction to that medication. The doctor wasn't sure WHY my body was reacting in such a manner as she had never seen such a reaction so she didn't link it to the pill. Thankfully I switch b/c before I went through the surgery. That was an embarrassing mess.

I'm currently on the nuva ring and short of getting an IUD put in, I love it.

I recommend 1 month to my patients. Birth control pills can be teratogenic (i.e.: cause congenital malformations, etc); so you definitely don't want to get pregnant if you're taking the pill! So I say 1 month to be totally safe.

IF you have been on it for a year or two, and stopped for a month ( i knew i wouldnt remember while i was in the hospital for surgery and recovering at home ) is it stilll as long when you start again? Im on Alesse and it says 1 week. Sorry to hijack

I have taken if before and I really liked it. At first it took a while for my body to get use to it, but after that I didnt have any problems. My doctor told me it can take up to a month to start working fully. She also said it differs with everyone.


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