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May 19, 2005
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I think I have dry skin on my eyelids. For the past couple of weeks I've noticed that eyeshadow doesn't stick to my eyelids right along my lash line or blend. It felt a little dry, so I started putting vitamin e oil on my lids at night. They don't feel dry to the touch anymore, but my eyeshadow still won't stick or blend. I did a board search and noticed that there are a few other people who mentioned the same problem, but I don't think we ever figured out a solution. I stopped wearing eye makeup and I've been using the vitamin e oil a few times a week. Anyone else have any suggestions??

maybe moisturize and let it set in. do you use a base like shadesticks or paints to help make them stick?

Go to an opthalmologist. I had a very similar problem last year and what my doctor had me do to get rid of it was first to stop wearing eye makeup for two weeks. Then he gave me some antibiotic eye drops to put in my eyes 3 times a day and also rub the drops on my eyelids. I also had to apply warm compresses to my lids twice a day.

I did not have conjunctivitis but my lids were itchy, scaly, dry, flaky and my eyemakeup didn't go on right. So my advice would be to see a doctor who can diagnose it properly and give you stuff to get rid of it.

Hey ladies, thanks for the suggestions! I don't normally use a base because they're just expensive, but I'll have to try that. I have some that I've been saving, so I guess now is the time to use it. Maybe I just need to moisturize the lids more often.

I hope it doesn't get so bad that I have to go to the doctor!!

could it possibly be a light case of eczema? This happens to me maybe once a year and I just moisturize and/or use a tiny tiny dab of eczema cream and lay off the eye makeup for awhile.

If it is, in fact eczema, you should check out this website: eczema relief

as far as moisturizing your eyes better, the best way to go is teamine eye complex. It's the best I've found so far: Teamine Hylexin Alternative</FONT>

eczema? I don't have it anywhere else. Is it possible that I would have it only on my eyelids? I think I might have noticed some dry flaky skin on my eyelids the other day, but I've been moisturizing and cutting back on the eye makeup so I hope it goes away on its own!


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