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Feb 6, 2005
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I love creating a smoky look and i like to use black e/s as a liner and also as crease colour.

I have tried MAC Carbon and GA #4. Although they are good for lining, they are very poor when it comes to blending the shadow in the crease.

What other brands do you girls recommend - that will give me the blendability i require??

Thanx in advance.

Originally Posted by Charmaine I used to have MAC Carbon too, but I really didn't like it. I now use Black Tied and for me, at least, I found that it blends pretty easily. I've got Black Tied as well. Although it's better than the other 2, i'm sure there must be something out there that is better than BT!!
I like black tied and MAcpigment dark soul

Originally Posted by Trisha Try Stila Ebony, i find it easy to blend Bhav! And its great wet, easy to smudge! x Hmmm, i thought you might say that!! Not that i mind!

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