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Dec 27, 2006
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Ok, i was looking in a magnifying mirror and discovered things on my face that i never knew i had. I noticed tiny black spots on my nose and some around my inner cheek area. I assumed these were my pores. Can anyone confirm this and tell me how to minimize them and why they are black and if there is a way to get them the same color as my skin and not black?

um.. i think it's blackheads??

you could try exfolitaing the area more frequently. or if it bothers you too much, go to a facialist to get it professionally extracted

hmmm. yes i exfoliate enough. Do you know the price for extraction? I don't think it really bothers me that much; i am curious about the price though.

It's probably blackheads. I usually just use Bioré pore strips but they really aren't good for your skin because of the pulling so I can't recommend them to anybody else. I would suggest either buying a blackhead scrub or going for a professional extraction.

well, it seems to be blackheads. you need to scrub more often, i think that's the only way of getting rid of those blackheads (though they have the nasty habit of coming back ! grrr). i scrub my nose almost daily. i suggest you also try a pore minimizer, it may help a bit.

those Biore strips are effective, but as i always ended with glue on my nose, i didn't really like them.

this helps a lot.. i always see the pore strips but never thought enough to use them. I have really sensitive skin so it would be impossible for me to scrub everyday but i will try every other day and see what happens.

april, put that magnifying glass away! lol~ because your skin is sensitive i wouldn't start doing a lot of the squeezing on your face! try the queen helene a couple times per week and see if that helps!

Those are blackheads and they are a b**** to remove! I have a bunch on my nose as well.


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