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Mar 2, 2007
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why is that?

i use black black shadow,to be exact i use carbon from mac and zero from urban enough right???

anyway,i use primer(ud)and i even put blacktrack as a base all over my lid,from lashes to crease and then i put lots of carbon shadow..and it all looks cool and black untill an hour late when it starts turning gray...then kinda bluish gray.the other day i went to mac and the lady told me,i love your blue shadow..and i was like,woman,that is carbon over blacktrack...she couldn't believe but wasn't any help explaining why this may happen...she has no clue.same thing happens when i put black w/o blacktrack underneath..or even w/o base...anyone experienced something similar using true black? and to keep blak on my eyes w/o turning gray...i don't wanna gray-i want B L A C K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I totally know what your talking about!! It happens to me too. There are not many TRUE blacks out there that stay black all day and don't fade. What I do is layer the blacks....

I use my UD PP first, then I put on Benefit Towne Car (black creaseless cream shadow) and finally I put on a black powder shadow over that. It seems to help keep the color more true.

OOOhhh and I forgot to mention that black shimmer shadows turn grey or blue more than the mattes.

well,that's what i do too,first i put ud base,then i was using nars black cream shadow and then blacktrack (lots and lots and lots of layers of it...)then it didn't wrk so i used ud,then blacktrack and carbon and zero..all mate!still i get gray...

..and I thought it was just me!! My black eyeshadows always turn blueish or sometimes kinda green, I'm thinking that it was my skin color (NC42-44)

oh my gosh after all that and you STILL dont get a black hue? that is so weird because i can wear a dark blue or dark brown eyeshadow and people will be like, i like how you did your black eyeshadow! lol!!! i find even the cheapest eyeshadows look black as f__k on me and i use a black eyeshadow color by sinful colors, and thats waaaayyy cheaper in price than MAC so it cant be that better in quality. well that's odd?

The UD Primer potion is turning the color of you shadows. This is a common issues, try a different primer such as benefits F.Y.eye which I love and it works better than UDPP because shadows are easier to blend. HTH

I have used a plethora of primers and it still turns gray or blue?? I think it's the shadows?

Lol. Plethora.

I remember when I first heard that word in "The 3 Muskateers".

this happens to me all the time!

i go for a smokey eye, it looks like a blue smokey eye.

it drives me nuts!

The only black shadow I've used that stayed totally black on me, even after performing, was from Wet & Wild. I'm not sure if they still make it, but it was a matte black shadow that stayed REALLY well.


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