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Feb 12, 2005
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Blake Lewis just posted a bulletin on his MySpace stating the following:

"Made a new picture for you guys and posted about my album.

Audio Day Dream coming out November 27th.

Love and Happiness - Blake"

And here's the actual blog:

"Hey everyone... Just got the date for my album release. November 27th. Right after Thanksgiving weekend. I'm so excited!! I have been waiting to make a full length album for the longest time. Its a mix of all the great pop music that has inspired me since the 80's. Electro/funk/soul/pop I call it my 2080's album. One mix from the start to finish, like a great Electronic or Hip-Hop mix tape.

As soon as tour gets wrapped up, i'll be shooting my album cover, documentary and finishing the record. Can't wait for you to get it in your hands.

Love and Happiness - Blake"

I think it's cute that the album is actually called "A.D.D." Blake is smart for not pulling a Kat McPhee. Releasing his album before Christmas ensures he'll sell more copies than if he released it AFTER the biggest selling CD season of the year. (Kat released hers in January... one month after people that actually buy CD's buy their CD's.) Let's hope his music makes us all cream, and not scream (like Kat McPhee's.)

Source: His MySpace


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